23 July 2018
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  Gifted and Talented students' supporting unit

Main Tasks:

1.Identifying and organizing the gifted students according to their field of study and year of entrance

2. Preparing programs for fostering the gifted and talented students.

3. Offering consult to the gifted and talented students and link them to the selected tutors

4. Designing and conducting the need assessment of talented students

5. Designing and conducting the necessary educational programs for talented students

6. Leading the students to use the approved regulations about talented students

7. Preparing database for the members of the gifted and talented students' office.

8. Paving the way for supporting the talented and gifted students

9. Supporting and facilitating the suggested scientific and research projects   by talented students.

10. Providing the possibility of academic travels for talented students

11. Providing the possibility for international communication of the gifted students