23 July 2018
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  Community Oriented Medical Education Unit(COME)


Planning, supervising and evaluation of:

  1.  Health need assessment in all health centers and health houses by the health deputy

  1. Connecting the academic departments to health needs by sending them  the health need assessment results
  2. Training of medical students in rural and urban health centers with supervising of academic members of faculty of medicine
  3. Training of nursing, midwifery , health and nutrition , rehabilitation, paramedics students in rural and  urban health centers, factories, state welfare organization and red crescent society by related  faculties
  4. Developing community dentistry centers by faculty of dentistry
  5. Training programs for pharmacy students around the city pharmacies and hospitals.
  6. Contracts with Radio and TV organization and media to produce health education programs for the community by faculty members, students  and university staff
  7. Encouraging processes for  faculty members to participate in NGOs and support the NGOs related to health
  8. Health campaigns by medical sciences students (charities, fund raisings, publications, public lectures,..)
  9. Developing Educational health centers in Urban area
  10. Health system researches based on community needs.