23 July 2018
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  Academic Staff Developments Core Skills Workshops

Academic Staff Developments Core Skills Workshops


The aims of these Workshops are to provide the academic members with the needed Skills in medical Sciences education. The table below indicates the workshop approved by the university board of directors:

Core workshops:


1-Curriculum development (2 days workshop)

2-Teaching method( 4 days workshop)

3-Student assessment (4 days workshop)


The process of holding the core workshops and offering certification


1-    The academic members who need the certification for promotion can register in these workshops in Education and Development Center of Medical sciences.

2-    The participants are assessed and offered certification if :

-          They participated actively in the present and previous workshops of the center

-          They prepared projects and other scientific assignment of the workshops such as lesson plan or course plan ,test designing, item analysis   , program evaluation and etc.

-          Achieving acceptable score in workshops assessment.

3-    The certification showing the presence of academic members in the workshops could be assessed under the above conditions.


Educational need Assessment

 All the workshops  designed in medical education development are based on the educational need assessment of  the faculty members.