23 July 2018
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  Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Tabriz Medical Education Research Center approved by Health and Medical Education Ministry in 2009 started the scientific activities officially in 2010. The executive of the center appreciate the experience of academic members and staff which are very helpful in improvement of educational processes in medical sciences. 


Our Vision is to improve the quality of medical education and consequently the national and international improvement of health services.


Creating scientific evidence used by the medical sciences universities in Iran which pave the way for medical education researches. Another mission is to make the newest educational information and methods available for academic staff.


-          Designing and conducting original researches based on standard indicator.

-          Dedication to conducting research in an ethical manner.

-          Fairness, transparency and accountability in all our work.


G1- supporting community oriented researches in medical education

G2-promoting applied research projects to identity the problems and try to solve them in medical education.

G3- empowering the researchers and academic members of medical sciences of universities to accomplish original research projects.

G4 – publishing & facilitating the exchange of research results.

G5 – promoting the applying research results in practice.

G6- Quality improvement of scientific& research information